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POtW. (The T is silent.)

Posted by cjaxon on July 29, 2010

So I went to Vancouver for the 4th of July this year, because that’s just how patriotic my family is. It was interesting to think that most places in the US were shut down for the day, but no one in Canada really cared. In fact, they told us that alot of people will actually drive down to Seattle or somewhere to watch the fireworks, because we sure didn’t see any.

Feb 2010 Olympic Torch. This is the one that stayed lit the whole time, not the one that didn't light in the opening ceremonies...

We also saw some cool things like Stanley Park, a huge preserved forest on the west side of town. (As opposed to Central Park, which is obviously man-made. Stanley Park is all naturale.) 

View of Vancouver from Stanley Park

Notice it’s cloudy. It stayed between 50-60 degrees the whole weekend. The week after we left they were supposed to hit their heat wave: the 80’s.

Totem poles in Stanley Park

And one of the best parts is that my Cousins and Grandma Jean were there!! The Von Vancils were reunited, teaming up to take over a new destination.

My cousins and my sister. We still tried to dress patriotically. I mean, it WAS the Fourth.

Anyways, we were there for more than just a fun-filled vacation. We actually went for my Mom to be installed as President of the World.

You heard me. President. Of the World.

My mom is part of an multi-national service organization called Quote International. They mostly help children with hearing disabilities, raising awareness and funds, providing equipment and training, getting public acts and laws passed, and so forth. They also help disadvantaged women and children as well as other service opportunities. My mom has been a member of her local club for the past 20 years. She’s served as club president twice, and several years ago became the District Governor. (Our district includes Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.) That was the beginning of her climb up the Power Ladder. In 2006 she was installed as the South Area Director, which means she was responsible for all the clubs in the southern US (and Aruba and the Netherlands. Go figure.) After that two year term she ran for and was elected International Treasurer, which means she was on “the track” – Treasurer, Pres. Elect, and then President. After a long year of work and campaigning, she earned Pres. Elect. This past year she’s been planning for her term as President, and after much anticipation, it’s here!!

Becoming President. Her theme is "Delivering Possibilites," because she's an OBGYN. Oh yeah, did I mention Quota is just her hobby?

There was a huge ceremony, mostly about my mom, with dinner and entertainment and such. My cousin Melinda sang a several songs (of course), and I finished up the evening with some real crazyness. Mom wanted me to lead a Sing-And-Dance along. We began by singing “High Hopes.” Then I taught this group of about 300 middle aged women some (easy) club-style dance moves so we could rock out to Slumdog Millionaire’s “Jai Ho.” And they really got into it! Those Quotarians love to get up and dance, and they made sure to tell me about it at the reception afterwards. Then the cousins and I finished out with HSM’s “All In This Together.”

The trip was a short one, and not restful at all, but totally worth it. I left from rehearsal and went right back to my 8 am class the day after I got back. Sarah served as her personal assistant, with coffee and/or lunch at hand, and making sure Mom looked fabulous at all times. Mom showed her Super Powers once again, because she got there several days before the rest of us, did the Convention thing (attending LOTS of meetings and receptions), got up early, went to bed late, finished speeches and put out political fires. And the weekend before that, she was on call because she was about to miss alot of work. Let’s just say the cruise she and my dad went on afterwards was not just much-needed, but well-earned.

The stork's a clever touch, no?


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