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This time last week

Posted by cjaxon on August 24, 2010

This is where I was:

After we dropped Sarah off at Alabama, I took another mini-road trip down to Baton Rouge to stay with my cousin Claire. Monday morning we biked around downtown BR. Their apartment is right around the corner from the Capitol.

I felt like a 5th grader on a school trip to visit the capitol... because it's been about that long since I've seen it this close.

We also saw this cool thing…

Claire told me she still doesn't know what it is, or what it's used for...

Then we went over to New Orleans for the day! I LOVE that city.

Where else in the world do you have entire shops of nothing but Mardi Gras paraphernalia... 365 days a year??

I have to find a time that I can spend more than one day there. I seriously thought to myself, “What if I just take a year off after school? What if I just moved down here and got a normal person job for a year, and lived in a cheap apartment, and just absorbed everything I could about New Orleans for a year? How Bohemian would that be? How cool would that be?” And then I thought to myself “Oh, better plan. I’ll just rent a condo/apartment down here and spend a few months between seasons of my Emmy winning tv show.” I mean, dream big, right?

And now, a lesson in

New Orleans Cuisine

You know, I really take for granted some of the basic Southern comfort foods, or special treats that most people in the world, most people in the rest of the country, know nothing about. I truly forget that most of the people around me in the great OKC don’t know the difference between a beignet and a bidet. (They might both be french words, but they serve opposite purposes…)

Lesson 1: Beignets.

For those of you who don’t know, beignets are like little pastry-donuts. It’s a square of dough that’s fried up but fluffy on the inside, then covered in powdered sugar, WAY more than is necessary for eating. The extra sugar goes in your coffee that’s served with it. The standard is an order of 3. See figure 1.

Figure 1. When served properly, beignets don't come with ordinary coffee, but rather Cafe au Lait. It tastes a little different because it's made with authentic Cajun Magic.

Like Muslims making a pilgrimage to Mecca, people from around the world flock to Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter, which has been serving beignets and coffee to millions of people for over a hundred years. It serves as the gold standard to all other beignets… ever. Its open-air seating is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (See figure 2.)

Figure 2: Cafe du Monde. These people don't play around about serving soul-satisfying beignets.

Seriously tho.

Classes started yesterday. Which means that auditions started Sunday: Wind Phil, muscials yesterday, choreography show tonight and Thursday, callbacks Thursday, opera Saturday/Sunday. It can be an intense week, because everyone freaks out a little bit and claims they don’t know what to sing. But we all get through it; this too shall pass. I’m ready for this week to pass – I want to skip all the “school getting started” stuff and get down to business. But it’s all good.

Also, I realized the other day that I have to be somewhere at 8am every day of the week. Even for a morning person like myself, this is a little much. I have 8 o’clock classes every day (which is fine, I like to get class done early), if I keep working at the Beatnix on Saturdays I have to be there at 8 to open, and for church on Sunday we meet at 8 before the service. It just bothers me that there’s not even the option of sleeping in… ever… this semester. But that’s because I’m working hard, and that makes me a good person… right?

Finally, I’m making it my goal to update every Monday. There will be weeks that I update more than that during the week, but I will definitely post something new each monday. Stay tuned.

P.S. –

Someone actually told me after I got back, “Hey, I drove through your state a while back. There are so many trees!!” And this is something I love about the landscape of the South: there ARE alot of trees. Green, everywhere. Practically all of I-20 from Texas to the coast is lined with trees. When I hit the north side of texas and oklahoma, I feel so vulnerable and exposed.

Miles and miles of protective green shelter on both sides 🙂

And while there are trees here in the OK, they’re not as expansive as the ones back home.

Love it.


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