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First week back

Posted by cjaxon on September 6, 2010

**This was supposed to have gone up last Monday and didn’t. And I only just realized that. So sorry!!

.  .  .

I know I said I’d update every Monday, and then the very next Monday ((well, two now)) I didn’t. My bad. It’s because this first week back has been ridiculous. There were literally auditions or callbacks every evening.

Sunday two weeks ago was the Wind Phil chair placements. Monday was Light in the Piazza, Smile, and Bye Bye Birdie. (I still get nervous about these musical auditions, because I had such bad experiences my freshman year, and I can’t figure out what he wants or what I’m supposed to be. This time I just went in and sang something I enjoy and had fun with it. And got two callbacks!) Tuesday was a Master’s dance Thesis audition. Wednesday was the Sr. Choreography show.  Thursday was Piazza and Smile callbacks. Friday the Piazza cast list went up, and in the evening were the Birdie callbacks. Saturday was the opera auditions, and Sunday were the opera callbacks. Meanwhile, every day in our dance classes we had “leveling,” where they decide which level class you need to be in. Which means we came in, warmed up briefly, then learned and performed a combo. (Feels alot like more auditioning.)

Which I guess, in a way, alot of my life will feel like from now on. 

In the fallout of all this, I’ll be in a Choreography show piece and the chorus of Bye Bye Birdie. Both of them will be fun pieces. We’re already working some on our choreo show piece – it’s to “Take Me To Heaven” from Sister Act, the Musical… think Dreamgirls: soloist and backup girls, with me as the guy they’re all in love with. (Oh yeah!) Birdie won’t start until the middle of October.

Oh yeah, and I still have classes and all that too. This semester I’m taking World Religions. For all you West Monroe peeps, my teacher is much like Mr. Warner. This is awesome because I never actually had Mr. Warner… On the second day of class we were assigned a paper due last week. We briefly discussed the Lakota Sioux indians and Black Elk’s Great Vision. (I don’t know, google it.) I had no idea what to write about, even from among different choices of topics, but I think that’s okay. I think the paper was more about getting a sense for how each of the student’s write. He also lets us rewrite each paper if we feel the need to… I think I’ll be rewriting some this time around. Now we’re starting Hinduism. It’s gonna be an interesting class.

((Since I originally wrote this, I’ve gotten that paper back – I was one of two A’s in the class! And I was genuinely surprised. But it was good enough that he told me to enjoy the weekend and not rewrite it.))

I’m also taking “Audition Technique,” which ought to be more properly called “Life Coaching for the Aspiring Actor.” We’re working on monologues and audition etiquette and the like, but we also have lecture days where they tell us everything we need to know about surviving in the business: good headshots, healthy mindsets on not getting jobs, and soon we’ll have city reports. Each member of the class has been assigned a city to research and report on the theater scene, cost of living, opportunities, etc. I’ve been assigned Milwaukee… awesome. I’m sure I’ll learn something, because right now I know nothing about theatre in Milwaukee.

Finally, I’m taking a class called Stagecraft Lab. This basically means I show up to the scene shop at 8 am twice a week and help build/paint sets. And I’ll tech Othello in November.

So that’s the rundown of the first two weeks. Now that all the “Back to school” crazyness is over, we can actually get down to business, and have “real” class. Now that, I’m ready for!


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