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Labor Day and this Week

Posted by cjaxon on September 20, 2010

I know Labor Day was two weeks ago, but I think this is a cool piece of my life.

I went home for Labor Day weekend, which meant I didn’t really get a holiday. It took all day Friday to get there and all day Monday to get back, so I really had a normal weekend. But the upside is I got to visit with people that I didn’t see when I moved Sarah in, or really even in May when I went back for her graduation. And I got to reunite with my Guatemalan friend.

For those that don’t know, my whole family went to Guatemala over last Christmas break with our church orchestra on a musical mission trip. It was a great experience for everyone, and taught firsthand that music in general, and worship specifically, are universal languages. While we were there, a man named Gabriel Garcia was our contact/translator and played trumpet for us. He’s felt called by the Lord for some time to go to Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth and get a Master’s in Worship Leading. His biggest obstacle was raising money and finding enough sponsors. (International students have to have steady sponsors, kind of like a guarantee, to be allowed to attend.) By this past April he’d all but given up on making this dream happen; in July one of the professors called and wanted to help sponsor him. Within a month he’d sold all his worldly possessions – his car, his furniture, his house – and moved into the dorms. 

We figured since he only knows a handful of people in the States, the closest being from our trip, we’d invite him over for Labor Day weekend. I picked him up in Fort Worth on my way home and we caught up on life as we sat for an hour in Labor Day traffic. While we were in Monroe we took every advantage to teach Gabriel about Louisiana culture (read: food), including Po Boys, gumbo, and beignets. On Saturday night we hosted a party for people from the trip, and even skyped with a friend in Florida and a friend in Guatemala City so they could join in the fun. The whole weekend was about reunions for me, and while it was stressful at times it was totally worth it.

.  .  .

In other news, life is good. It can feel long, and get tired, but this is nothing new, so I won’t write about that much ever. Aaron Brown told me once “We’re all tired. Talking or whining about it doesn’t help. And I’m probably more tired than you.” But you keep doing what you gotta do.

In the past week with the youth I’ve been pied in the face, pelted with dodgeballs, rocked out to Backstreet Boys, and carefully honed my Ninja skills. Oh yeah, and shared the love of Christ and all that 😉  Last week my friend CB came up and visited for a few days which meant less sleep but major good times. Choreography Show is coming along: the choreo’s all there and now we’re fine-tuning and finishing costumes. DAX Activation was last night, and while I was skeptical at first, this record-breaking pledge class seems pretty cool after all. And I think/hope the new additions to our family are going to be awesome.

And finally, Top Chef had its season 7 finale. (I guess it’s okay that Kevin won. He didn’t seem to me like the strongest contestant for most of the competition, but he did get better as the show went along.)

And this week Glee, 30 Rock, and The Office start new seasons. SO ready.


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