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A man walked into a conversation, and…

Posted by cjaxon on September 27, 2010

Quick news before the actual post: This week I have a very exciting project to work on. The school’s choir that I sing in is performing in Chapel this week. Our anthem is Baba Yetu, an arrangement of the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili. And the special project is that I’m a featured soloist. In Swahili. Yes, this very white boy is getting in touch with his inner African to praise the Lord. It’s gonna rock.

Also coming up: an essay and test on Hinduism, attending three different performances, and working at a Haunted House. Ah, the exciting life of a performer.

. . .

It happens to us all the time. We enter a room, or walk past a group of people, or someone walks in on the phone and we hear something like “Of course I punched it in the face.”


I love these overheard pieces of conversation. Without the proper context they can be quite entertaining. A while back I thought it would make an interesting post if I started writing down these nuggets of amusement as I came across them, to share them with you all. Some are conversations I’ve walked into, others are conversations I’ve had that have confused someone else. Some of these I remember clearly; for others it’s been so long I get to relive the moment of puzzlement and curiosity. Enjoy.

I wanna be a mermaid! ((This is funny because it was a large black man.))

“Did you enjoy that five-minute monologue?” “I wanted her to get mad and stab somebody.”

Take your pants with you, leave Andrew’s pants here.

It’s no fun if you don’t catch it.

I’m extremely tolerant. I’ve been on a date with a gay guy. I didn’t put out, but I’ve been on a date. ((Does that mean you usually would put out??))

Oh it looks bigger until you pulled it out.

They did not treat others with kindness, so the did not deserve to be treated with kindness.

… got crapped on by a pig…

… like nazis do…

I don’t know any *explitive* Girl Scouts. How is that gonna help me?


One Response to “A man walked into a conversation, and…”

  1. Laura Weil said

    Lol, sounds kinda like that notebook you said Meg would always do on trips, and that you did for the M-fuge trip. I think you wrote one on my notebook… saying “Whoa! She’s making sound effects” or something…

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