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I guess I’m drowning?

Posted by cjaxon on October 5, 2010

I had an interesting dream twice this week. Well, it was hard to tell: it was either two different nights this week or it was twice in the same night. I was underwater. (I’m sure some variation of this dream is very common.) The second time I had it, I had dived into a pool, like a swimming pool at someone’s house. But as I dove in I breathed out all my air. Then, I was stuck at the bottom of the pool. It wasn’t just that I was suffocating because I didn’t have air. It was almost more like since I didn’t have any air, I had no way to even float back to the surface. In fact, I tried to swim upwards, but the pressure of the pool was keeping me pinned down, stuck under all the weight of the water, unable to move. And on top of that I didn’t have any air, so my lungs started burning and I started panicking. 

I don’t dream very often, that I remember in the mornings. And certainly not with very clear symbolism like that.

Here’s the irony of it: I don’t feel like that during the day. I’m not really stressed right now. At the beginning of last week I was really feeling the pressure of projects being due and not having time to do anything. But by Wednesday that was all over and passed, and I was fine. The problem is I started taking things easy as the week went on, but things haven’t really changed. I have other projects that must be taken care of, I just won’t live my entire life stressed out. So I think the dreams mean something more like, “Be careful, keep it together, you’ve still got stuff to do, and if you don’t get back to work you’ll drown.”

My bookcase collapsed on Sunday. And it really unnerved me more than it should have, because it felt like another sign. And it was terrible timing – we have room checks this Friday to make sure everything is clean and tidy. Ugh.

.  .  .

By the way, the Swahili went really well 😉


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