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New Year, new post (finally).

Posted by cjaxon on January 3, 2011

You know, it’s funny. Not like, “ha ha” funny, but that slightly-ironic-feeling we call funny. I don’t really have any New Year’s resolutions this year. Nothing really occurred to me as the year was wrapping up. Perhaps it’s because I like to think that I’m constantly improving myself, and an arbitrary date on the calendar doesn’t mean anything. More realistically, I think it’s because I’ve looking at this holiday break as a three week chunk in and of itself, instead of bookending two different years. Also, I had plans for several major projects this break, all of which I’ve worked on (though some more than others…)

Here’s what you’ve missed from the end of last semester:

Right before Thanksgiving break we had auditions for the straight plays and the spring Theatre season. A solid audition, a few callbacks, but no casting. DAX initiation, St. Luke’s Christmas concert, opera auditions (last ever!!!), a roommate’s recital, and one of my youth group kids in his school play.

Then the Week Before Finals Week, which is actually much harder then Finals Week. One of my roommates actually named it “The Gauntlet” last year, because we got up early every morning to go to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee. In addition to finishing up class work we also had final rehearsals and performances for Christmas Vespers, which is a big Christmas choir concert/liturgical service. And for the first time in four years, my parents got to come listen. Usually that’s the same weekend as State Championship football games, and they’ve had to go support the team and Sarah in the band. This year they came and watched our dance show and Vespers.

Finals Week was, as usual, pretty easy, after that 8 am World Religions test on Monday. (Fortunately, it was only on Islam, and not cumulative for the semester.) I made a real kick-ass portfolio of notes and stuff for Aud Tech. Now if only my final performance had been equally kick-ass. It wasn’t bad, but could have been better. Juries were fine.

Which leads into this break. Like I said, I had several projects over the break. I made a list before I left school, and should have consulted it a bit more, but I think I got about everything done. Let’s see…

Go to the gym, often: Check! Weights, Yoga, and even a Pilates class. I know I’m getting stronger, but I’m still working on just getting bigger. It’s a slow process, forcing your body to change…

Try new recipes: Check! Homemade hamburger helper, new breakfast sandwiches, and salmon a few different ways.

Work on recital music: Check… I couldn’t get to ULM’s practice rooms like I wanted to, so I’ve worked at home some, but I’ll be hitting this much harder when I get back to school and auditions are over. (That’s right, more auditions.)

Go to bed early: Check!! I think other than New Year’s Eve, there may have been just two nights that I stayed up to midnight. How refreshing.

Fails: learn to file taxes (although we did spend an entire day catching up on personal banking), finish prepping Jake’s DAX Treasurer info (yikes), read Aud Tech books (still working on that.)

But I did read Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis, which was great. And I did finish the New Testament, which means I’ve read through the whole Bible over about two years.

I probably could have met these goals had I also not been watching movies out right now, and finishing Pushing Daisies and Ugly Betty on Netflix. But they were worth it. I don’t have time to go to movies during school.

Coming up next: I leave town again on Wednesday to head back to OKC… to finish some of these goals before classes start on Monday. Next week are the Showcase Auditions on Thursday. The Monday/Tuesday after that are auditions for the spring musical, Wedding Singer. Then it’s only a week and a half til my first summerstock auditions – I’ll talk about those later.

So that’s what’s old, current, and coming up. Stay tuned: I’ll be explaining Showcase soon. It’s kind of a big deal. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get back to posting each Monday again… How about that for a Resolution?


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