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Here at last: Showcase.

Posted by cjaxon on January 11, 2011

Well, yesterday was my last 1st day of class ever… possibly. At least, the last in college. The last in standard education. The last of “school.” And because my schedule wasn’t finished yet, I didn’t even have class until 2 pm. Awesome.

Meanwhile, SHOWCASE AUDITIONS ARE ON THURSDAY. I know I’ve mentioned it several times now, so let me explain Showcase. I’ll audition on Thursday like a normal Music Theatre audition: come in and sing your best two 16-bar cuts. Show us “you,” at your best. They’ll pick 10-12 of the Seniors and Grad Students to be in the actual Showcase. Life will carry on as usual for the rest of the semester, but the week after graduation we’ll all head up to New York City and give a kind of “group audition” for agents – that’s what the actual Showcase is. Everyone performs two cuts from different songs, and there will probably be a group number or something. If everything goes well, then agents will request to set up meetings with us individually to sign with them. This is not like casting directors (although sometimes), so it’s not signing for a job, but agents help you get better auditions. 

ALSO, they’re not essential to an actor just starting out. They’re very helpful, but you don’t absolutely need one because many auditions are posted publicly, and Showcase isn’t the only way to get them.

At least, that’s what I have to keep reminding myself, because there’s a lot of hype around it all. People get really stressed, and have spent all fall semester obsessing over it. Yeah, it’s a really great opportunity, but it doesn’t make or break your career… This is what I keep reminding myself. I really want it, but I also have to keep a realistic perspective on it all.

And now I’m done talking about it. I’m trying to keep conversations about it brief, because I feel prepared, I’m in a very positive place, and I have to stay excited about it and not get anxious or paranoid.

But if you wouldn’t mind sending me and all the others positive vibes on Thursday evening, I’d really appreciate it.


Other than that, this semester will be lighter, but not a total breeze. There’s going to be lots of reading, for all the classes. (Good thing my first-ever pair of glasses are coming in soon. I guess it had to happen sometime.) I have nice gaps in my day, and my first classes aren’t until 9 and 10. This, for the guy who chose to have 8am’s every day in the fall. And for the first time ever, I’m legitimately taking only 16 hours. Last spring I was taking 15 hours in-class, and 6 hours online. For my final semester, I’m taking Western Literature, Music Theatre Literature, Chekhov (acting), and three – count ’em! – three dance classes. And I think I’ve earned it. This schedule has been three CLEP’s, three summer courses, two online courses, and one AP credit (and a partridge in a pear tree) in the making.

So here we go! Gotta make it count.


3 Responses to “Here at last: Showcase.”

  1. Destry said

    Sounds like you have entered the semester on a positive and exciting note which is obviously better than the tradition cynicism of many seniors. 🙂 Good luck on Thursday! I’ll be thinking of you! 🙂

  2. mom said

    You’ll do great, Chas. We’ll be thinking of you!

  3. Sarah said

    Positive vibe.
    Positive vibe.
    Positive vibe.

    I thought I’d start early since I’ll be watching Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it means I just choose to love you when it’s convenient.
    Just kidding. Sort of. 🙂

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