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Chicago and Snow Days.

Posted by cjaxon on February 25, 2011

Chicago update

First things first: The audition in Chicago went well, but I don’t think much will come of it. This is for two reasons. 1) I only had two callbacks, which isn’t upsetting, because there were only a handful of theatres that actually did have callbacks that day. 2) These auditions worked more for people who live in the Chicago area. I talked to a friend who did these auditions last year, and she said that she would hear from people, but they would ask her to come back for a callback, or audition for an individual show. Since I don’t live in Chicago now, and don’t intend to soon (…), these auditions weren’t especially helpful.

Funny story though. One of my callbacks was for a piece still in development, described as an “arial, movement, musical” spectacle. The callback was learning a combo of modern dance (which I’ve never really done before). We learned it in groups, with no music, and were supposed to pick a verb to perform, to tell a story. Then we were sent in those groups to create our own modern/movement piece, telling a story, but the theme was “a cycle in nature.” So what me and my four new friends came up with was that I was a merecat at the watering hole, and I got attacked and eaten by lions. Then, since it was a cycle, we had a Circle of Life moment where I came back as the new, young scout lion, leading the pack to attack the next victim.

It was weird, but lots of fun.

On Sunday morning I went to Navy Pier and caught the last day of the International Snow Sculpture Exhibition.


So then I got back, and we had SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011. Which was a blast. It started snowing that Monday night, and we had Tues-Thurs out from school. And as soon as we thought it was safe, it snowed again that next Tuesday night, and we got Wednesday off again. We’re talking, at least 10″ of snow. Everywhere.

In places, you could sink in snow to your KNEES!!


And we all know what snow/ice days mean: the Annual Snowstorm Gumbo Party. This was our third consecutive year, breaking all 318 records: 34 people!!! It was quite the festivity, and always a highlight to kick off the new semester.

Which was fun and all, but I needed to finish prepping for my Senior Recital.


One Response to “Chicago and Snow Days.”

  1. Jay said

    Any audition is a good audition if it helps you get better at auditioning and gets you to see something in a new way. Sounds like you did that as a meerkat. I once heard someone compare auditioning to sales: until you’ve had *years* of auditioning for work, auditioning is the skill of honing your presentation of YOU, showing exactly what you can bring to a role. Practice improves the sales pitch of you.

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