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Posted by cjaxon on May 3, 2011

So this past month was strange. I went from relaxed and not much going on to really busy. It was pretty disappointing because I was really hoping to just coast through these last two weeks of school. Instead I ended up with projects and commitments, and worst of all, homework. Yuck. I went from having nothing to tell you, to having too much to do to talk about it. Oh well.

It started when we got back from Spring Break. We had two weekends in a row when everyone and their mothers gave Jr. or Sr. recitals. Some days had as many as 5 or 6 recitals in one afternoon! We want to be supportive of each other, but there’s no way we could have seen everyone. 

Then we got to inaugurate the new President of our University. There was a whole week of festivities, and one evening of concerts and performances all across campus. The school’s choirs and orchestra combined to perform the Requiem by Berlioz (a HUGE piece) and sang a piece at the actual inauguration.

Meanwhile, rehearsals for the theatre showcase began to pick up. They’ve been going really well. My scenes involve awkward love in some way – one is a guy being seduced by a cougar, one is a jr high boy that convinces a girl to “practice” kissing. (Whereupon she throws up.) It’s a lot of fun, and people tell me I’m funny. Which I love to hear.

For Easter weekend the chapel at school put on a Vigil service on Saturday, representing the passing from the crucifixion to the resurrection. I’ve been on the chapel planning committee this year, so they asked me to help with this vigil too. They wanted it to be a more interactive service than usual, and they wanted to do something “artistic” with each of the scripture readings. I got put in charge of three pieces. For the Creation account from Genesis I basically did a voiceover to some music from Prince of Egypt – it was really remarkable how the piece fit the reading perfectly, with no editing. With the help of a friend I also arranged some interpretive movement to a prophecy from Ezekiel (my favorite, it was really cool), and directed a few people to act out the resurrection account from John. It was alot of fun and went over very well. But it was a very stressful week to coordinate all three of those pieces.

Last week we ended up with Showcase rehearsals every night, either Music or Theatre. These were definitely necessary, but after I got hit with some allergy problems on Monday/Tuesday, it turned into a pretty draining week too. Especially since, like I said earlier, I had planned to just coast to the end. It took some adjusting. Saturday was our preview for the student body, and it was… okay… the music one needs a little more work, but for my part it was alright.

But the good news is that now it’s finals week! Finals week is always the easiest of the semester – all the work is done, and once you take that test you don’t ever go back. I had two yesterday, and other than my (last) voice jury tomorrow, I don’t have anything until Thursday. I’ve already started packing, and I have more time to spend with friends.

I’m fighting the urge to be sentimental about it all, but that comes and goes in waves. For the most part I’m choosing to celebrate what I’ve had these past four years. The way I see it, things will obviously change alot. But it will be okay. Each year dear friends have graduated and left, and I’ve been okay, and they’ve been okay too. It will be different, but we’ll all adjust and keep in touch some, and I’m sure I’ll see some of these people again. (I mean, it helps that I’ll be in town this summer.) And if I don’t, I’m glad for the time we’ve had in each other’s lives. I will not let sadness cloud my joy while I’ve still got them around.

Dwelling on things changing and people leaving is harder to deal with than when it actually happens.

.   .   .

At any rate, here’s what’s coming up:

Graduation on Saturday.

Flying to NYC on Sunday.

Rehearse the showcase in the space – the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre – on Monday.

Perform for the agents on Tuesday.

And *fingers crossed* spend the rest of the week in interviews to sign with someone. Then I’ll be in NYC until the next Wed, May 18th, just living in NY, taking classes, getting a feel for staying there.

I’ll keep you posted how it goes!

The Alvin Ailey, where we'll perform the Showcase


One Response to “Wrapping it up”

  1. NaNa said

    Well done, Chas. We’re so proud of you and all you have accomplished. See you Friday.
    Love, hugs and prayers,
    Pap and NaNa

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