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Posted by cjaxon on July 24, 2011

Hairspray ended up being alot of fun… once we got past opening night. Overall, it was actually a very stressful process for me. It’s a big show, there were so┬ámany dance numbers, and just a lot to keep up with. I was very frustrated through tech weekend, even through the first performance, because I kept forgetting steps or missing things. It felt like grasping to hold on to a rollercoaster, instead of really owning it. However, Wednesday I didn’t have to go in for Ragtime rehearsal – it’s the one show I’m not doing this summer. So instead I sat around all day with my friends Jeremy and Kaleb, and generally relaxed. Wednesday night, and for the rest of the performances, I had great fun.

Nicest Kids in Town

We called ourselves the Blue Crew. All these costumes were homemade by our costume department!

Our incredibly talented Trio, the Dynamites.

Meanwhile, the rest of the company continued rehearsals for Ragtime, which turned out beautifully. And Chorus Line rehearsals started on Wednesday. So far, so good. We’ve learned two of the three huge pieces, being the opening audition and the Montage in the middle of the show. They’ve both got their challenges: the opening is physically tiring to do over and over in rehearsals. The Montage isn’t so physically demanding, but it’s very intricate, and everyone has individual pieces. There are several layers to the whole thing, and it’s just mentally draining to spend so much time putting together a 5-minute segment.

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