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New York, New York!!

Posted by cjaxon on August 26, 2011

So now I’ve made the big move! It’s been an interesting and emotional process. People would say “Oh, that’s so exciting!!” And sometimes I was excited about it, and many times I wasn’t quite. I really went back and forth between excited and nervous. I just kept telling myself that I would be fine once I got up there and started doing it. And so far, I was right.

I moved out of Oklahoma, which was the most emotional part of it all. These good-byes were harder than when I left home to move to OK, because I knew I’d always be coming home several times a year. That isn’t the case this time. I think I’ll manage a trip or two this coming year, but most likely they’ll get fewer and farther between. And that’s just the way it is. (Unless Lyric likes me enough to bring me back for things! 😉

I spent a few days at home, not really re-packing like I needed to, before we went to Alabama to move Sarah back in for school. Which was the most emotional part of it all for her. She was there when the crazy tornadoes this spring hit Tuscaloosa, and devastated a huge chunk in the middle of town. And then she was evacuated, sent home with no sense of closure about the end of her school year, or her friends, or the place she now calls home. Her summer was pretty rough, but as soon as we got into town, in spite of the damage still present around us, she seemed more happy and at peace than she had in a long time. I think just being there and living with it is going to finally bring the healing.

And then when we came home, I did repack. I sorted through what I could bring and what needed to stay. I bought last minute supplies and replacements. And on Tuesday, August 16th, I got on the plane. Travel was uneventful. When I got here my friend Julie had homemade lasagna, and for dessert we went to the crepe restaurant where she works.

In the meantime, I’ve been visiting with friends, mostly my friends from this summer, who have already moved here. I have OCU friends who graduated before me and moved here, but I haven’t caught up with them yet because they’re busy living their lives. (It’s not that I couldn’t if I wanted to, but I just haven’t quite gotten a routine yet.) The Lyric friends who have just gotten here have a similar plan and schedule as me: go to auditions, and fill in part time jobs as you can.

And that’s really what I did last week. Wednesday was visiting with people, but Thursday  and Friday I went to two different auditions. One I got seen, one I waited even longer but didn’t, and that’s the way it goes. This past Tuesday I went to two in one day – one I even got a callback for – and then another audition on Wednesday.

And I’ve been seeing shows, of course. Last week with my friend Chris I saw Masterclass, a play about… well, a masterclass. Maria Callas, the famous opera diva, was giving a masterclass at Julliard or somewhere. And let me tell you, I basically relived the past four years of my life as a Birdwell student. Wednesday I watched the tape of the play Red at the Lincoln Center Library, and last night we saw Catch Me If You Can, which had some great dancing.

Saturday I moved furniture all day. My next roommates arrived with their truck full of furniture, so I helped unload it into the apartment. After that, we had to move out some furniture for their family friends, which turned out to be a bigger task than anyone expected. At least they fed us pizza afterwards!

Speaking of roommates, my first sublet and roommate are just fine. The deal is, I’m staying with Sandra, a friend of a friend, for the first month or so while I’m here. Meanwhile, my next roommates are setting up their apartment, and I’ll join them in October-ish. I just wanted a little more stability when I first got here, something that was ready to go, so I could focus more on auditions and setting a routine.

Which is what I’m doing now. Now the excitement of first being here is slowing down. I’m realizing that I don’t have to go into town all day, every day. And I learned pretty quickly that I don’t want to eat out as much. It seems that no matter which meal, no matter where you buy it, it will cost about ten dollars. So Sunday morning, I finally bought groceries.

Also, this week, the world started falling apart. We had that earthquake on Tuesday, which I didn’t actually feel. (I think it happened in the middle of one of my auditions. Other people have said their entire apartments or offices were shaking, but I didn’t even find out about it until 20 minutes later. Thank goodness for Twitter.) And now there’s a hurricane on the way. It’s supposed to get pretty bad here on Sunday. Next week I think we’re scheduled for Plague, followed closely by Armageddon.

So that’s the beginning of my adventures! More to come soon, I’m sure.


One Response to “New York, New York!!”

  1. delms08 said

    I feel that you transitioned there quite easily. Granted there will be tough times but you seem as mentally prepared as you could possibly be. And how exciting is that?! Although, you should have apparently packed a canoe and life jacket… Maybe we can Skype while you’re floating down 42nd Street! 😀 …Ohhhh…not funny. My bad. Now, if something like that does happen, I am going to have to delete this comment…

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