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MG vs. St. P

Posted by cjaxon on March 20, 2011

I spent this week in NYC for spring “break.” I’ll write about that soon. Right now, I have some very pressing matters to discuss. As it turned out, I was in New York during St. Patrick’s Day. The whole town was decked out in green shirts, face paint, funny hats, and were slightly intoxicated. (I saw people stumbling around as early as 2 pm.) It was quite a festive day.

I was staying on the air mattress of a friend from back home who attends NYU, and in light of the celebrations I asked her about her Mardi Gras, just a week and a half ago. She said she had to look everywhere for beads; not even general party stores had Mardi Gras beads. She finally found one shop in Midtown that she could stock up from.

Now, I have nothing against St. Patrick, or his holiday in general. But it truly breaks my heart that St. Patrick’s is such a big deal, and Mardi Gras is practically nonexistent. Read the rest of this entry »


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A man walked into a conversation, and…

Posted by cjaxon on September 27, 2010

Quick news before the actual post: This week I have a very exciting project to work on. The school’s choir that I sing in is performing in Chapel this week. Our anthem is Baba Yetu, an arrangement of the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili. And the special project is that I’m a featured soloist. In Swahili. Yes, this very white boy is getting in touch with his inner African to praise the Lord. It’s gonna rock.

Also coming up: an essay and test on Hinduism, attending three different performances, and working at a Haunted House. Ah, the exciting life of a performer.

. . .

It happens to us all the time. We enter a room, or walk past a group of people, or someone walks in on the phone and we hear something like “Of course I punched it in the face.”

What??  Read the rest of this entry »

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Summer Playlist, 2010

Posted by cjaxon on August 5, 2010

This isn’t a playlist of like, the hottest new songs of 2010. These are just what I’ve been listening to, from May to today. I’m actually pretty proud – there’s a nice variety of styles and artists. Most of them are 3 years old or more, but hey, better late than never. Comment and tell me what you think! Some of them are links to a good youtube page if you wanna hear them. Read the rest of this entry »

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