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Wrapping it up

Posted by cjaxon on May 3, 2011

So this past month was strange. I went from relaxed and not much going on to really busy. It was pretty disappointing because I was really hoping to just coast through these last two weeks of school. Instead I ended up with projects and commitments, and worst of all, homework. Yuck. I went from having nothing to tell you, to having too much to do to talk about it. Oh well.

It started when we got back from Spring Break. We had two weekends in a row when everyone and their mothers gave Jr. or Sr. recitals. Some days had as many as 5 or 6 recitals in one afternoon! We want to be supportive of each other, but there’s no way we could have seen everyone.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Senior Recital: Before and After

Posted by cjaxon on February 25, 2011

Final Prep

I actually went to Ms. Birdwell’s house to make up some lessons and get some extra time in. Great lessons, but I was still worried about my final dress rehearsal on Wednesday. Ms. B tends to grill us more than usual, and they can be really painful experiences. I think it stems from the idea that “there’s no more time, it’s now or never, and there’s so much progress yet to be made.” But Wednesday’s rehearsal came and went. The first number we had to work several times, but after that I really sang straight through. These are pieces that I’ve been performing for a while, and we’re both happy with my progress vocally, so I really lucked out. By the end of the rehearsal she gave me several small tips and pointers, but mostly we both kept saying how excited we were. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chicago and Snow Days.

Posted by cjaxon on February 25, 2011

Chicago update

First things first: The audition in Chicago went well, but I don’t think much will come of it. This is for two reasons. 1) I only had two callbacks, which isn’t upsetting, because there were only a handful of theatres that actually did have callbacks that day. 2) These auditions worked more for people who live in the Chicago area. I talked to a friend who did these auditions last year, and she said that she would hear from people, but they would ask her to come back for a callback, or audition for an individual show. Since I don’t live in Chicago now, and don’t intend to soon (…), these auditions weren’t especially helpful.

Funny story though. One of my callbacks was for a piece still in development, described as an “arial, movement, musical” spectacle. The callback was learning a combo of modern dance (which I’ve never really done before). Read the rest of this entry »

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My Kind of Town, Chicago is.

Posted by cjaxon on January 29, 2011

I’m sitting at the snow-frosted corner of Clark and Berwyn, watching the Chicago traffic waking up, eating my breakfast wrap  and sipping my Starbucks. I know, I know, of all the quirky-cool places in the neighborhood, I picked Starbucks?? It’s the only place I knew had free wifi. So even if I had gone to the Women and Children First feminine bookstore or the Swedish Bakery, I couldn’t have told you about it.

At any rate, I’m here in Chicago for the next day and a half for some summerstock auditions. But first things first:

Audition Results!

Showcase: I got in!! And I’m definitely excited. At the advice of the accompanist I coached with, I changed one of my audition songs at the last minute, swapping in “Giants in the Sky.” This was actually a really good idea, because Mark and Arnold (the guys casting it) really liked that one. Most importantly, I realized afterwards that when I went in for the audition, I actually wasn’t nervous. I want to keep that .  Read the rest of this entry »

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Here at last: Showcase.

Posted by cjaxon on January 11, 2011

Well, yesterday was my last 1st day of class ever… possibly. At least, the last in college. The last in standard education. The last of “school.” And because my schedule wasn’t finished yet, I didn’t even have class until 2 pm. Awesome.

Meanwhile, SHOWCASE AUDITIONS ARE ON THURSDAY. I know I’ve mentioned it several times now, so let me explain Showcase. I’ll audition on Thursday like a normal Music Theatre audition: come in and sing your best two 16-bar cuts. Show us “you,” at your best. They’ll pick 10-12 of the Seniors and Grad Students to be in the actual Showcase. Life will carry on as usual for the rest of the semester, but the week after graduation we’ll all head up to New York City and give a kind of “group audition” for agents – that’s what the actual Showcase is. Everyone performs two cuts from different songs, and there will probably be a group number or something. If everything goes well, then agents will request to set up meetings with us individually to sign with them. This is not like casting directors (although sometimes), so it’s not signing for a job, but agents help you get better auditions.  Read the rest of this entry »

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New Year, new post (finally).

Posted by cjaxon on January 3, 2011

You know, it’s funny. Not like, “ha ha” funny, but that slightly-ironic-feeling we call funny. I don’t really have any New Year’s resolutions this year. Nothing really occurred to me as the year was wrapping up. Perhaps it’s because I like to think that I’m constantly improving myself, and an arbitrary date on the calendar doesn’t mean anything. More realistically, I think it’s because I’ve looking at this holiday break as a three week chunk in and of itself, instead of bookending two different years. Also, I had plans for several major projects this break, all of which I’ve worked on (though some more than others…)

Here’s what you’ve missed from the end of last semester:

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Bye Bye Birdie, Hello Othello

Posted by cjaxon on November 13, 2010

Can I just say, I’m loving the weather this week. It’s finally staying cooler, and the past few days have been rainy, dreary, and drab. I usually don’t care for weather like that, yet recently I don’t mind it so much. I’ve kind of felt that way myself, and it somehow cheered me up a little to see the rest of the world reflect that. And the trees are finally turning! Some of them are simply stunning.

I've been especially distracted by trees like this, with bright leaves and a strikingly dark trunk and branches.

Some trees just drop their leaves. Some trees’ leaves fade to a dull reddish brown before falling. But I’m captivated by the trees with vibrant, striking, bright colors that arrest my attention as I pass by. When I get to be old, I want to still be vibrant.  Read the rest of this entry »

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To Catch Up

Posted by cjaxon on November 4, 2010

Sorry it’s been so long, for a while there was nothing going on, and now there’s been a lot going on. Choreography Show went really well. (I was in the piece about Greek goddesses/dreamgirls fighting over Zeus, remember?) The audience seemed to like it alot and I was happy with my performance. I left directly from the performance to meet up with the St Luke’s kids on their fall retreat. By the end of the weekend, several of them said it was the best they’d ever been on.

We then had Fall Break. I’d been looking forward to Fall Break, literally, every day for a month. That Monday was going to be the first day since August that I hadn’t set an alarm clock. I wore myself out on the retreat all weekend, worked at the Haunted House on Sunday night (I’ll talk about that in a minute) and then stayed up visiting with friends… and Monday morning my body woke itself up bright and early at 7 am. I was less than thrilled. The rest of Fall Break isn’t really worth talking about, because I really didn’t do anything.

Since then, I’ve worked more at the Haunted House, Ultimate Terrors. The owners have cut a deal with OCU to pay the music and theatre programs if the students go work. The school encouraged all of the MT/VP and theatre students to work five nights each, as a form of “civic duty.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Labor Day and this Week

Posted by cjaxon on September 20, 2010

I know Labor Day was two weeks ago, but I think this is a cool piece of my life.

I went home for Labor Day weekend, which meant I didn’t really get a holiday. It took all day Friday to get there and all day Monday to get back, so I really had a normal weekend. But the upside is I got to visit with people that I didn’t see when I moved Sarah in, or really even in May when I went back for her graduation. And I got to reunite with my Guatemalan friend.

For those that don’t know, my whole family went to Guatemala over last Christmas break with our church orchestra on a musical mission trip. It was a great experience for everyone, and taught firsthand that music in general, and worship specifically, are universal languages. While we were there, a man named Gabriel Garcia was our contact/translator and played trumpet for us. He’s felt called by the Lord for some time to go to Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth and get a Master’s in Worship Leading. His biggest obstacle was raising money and finding enough sponsors. (International students have to have steady sponsors, kind of like a guarantee, to be allowed to attend.) By this past April he’d all but given up on making this dream happen; in July one of the professors called and wanted to help sponsor him. Within a month he’d sold all his worldly possessions – his car, his furniture, his house – and moved into the dorms.  Read the rest of this entry »

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First week back

Posted by cjaxon on September 6, 2010

**This was supposed to have gone up last Monday and didn’t. And I only just realized that. So sorry!!

.  .  .

I know I said I’d update every Monday, and then the very next Monday ((well, two now)) I didn’t. My bad. It’s because this first week back has been ridiculous. There were literally auditions or callbacks every evening.

Sunday two weeks ago was the Wind Phil chair placements. Monday was Light in the Piazza, Smile, and Bye Bye Birdie. (I still get nervous about these musical auditions, because I had such bad experiences my freshman year, and I can’t figure out what he wants or what I’m supposed to be. This time I just went in and sang something I enjoy and had fun with it. And got two callbacks!) Tuesday was a Master’s dance Thesis audition. Wednesday was the Sr. Choreography show.  Thursday was Piazza and Smile callbacks. Friday the Piazza cast list went up, and in the evening were the Birdie callbacks. Saturday was the opera auditions, and Sunday were the opera callbacks. Meanwhile, every day in our dance classes we had “leveling,” where they decide which level class you need to be in. Which means we came in, warmed up briefly, then learned and performed a combo. (Feels alot like more auditioning.)

Which I guess, in a way, alot of my life will feel like from now on.  Read the rest of this entry »

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